Truss And Rigging
Truss And Rigging



Hire Truss And Rigging in different sizes and specifications for your exhibition stand in Dubai on rent

Maple Expo offer set & design and stage rentals , for both outdoor and indoor events. We cater to conferences, concerts, fashions shows , awards,  and more. All our sets are modular pieces that create a set to your exact requirements.

Trusses are basically some triangular or pyramidal shapes which are used in the construction of buildings for making them more firm. These are considered better than structural components with 90 degree angles. Some of the truss structures include bridges, platforms, towers, and houses. While rigging is a digital skeleton bound to the 3D mesh. A rig is built up of joints and bones exactly like a real skeleton. Each of joints and bones act as a “handle” that can be bent into a desired pose. Maple Expo offers these trusses and riggings for exhibitions stands in Dubai on rent.
We at Maple Expo have a huge range of all types of truss and rigging equipments according to the specific needs of any event. As said above, these tools are quite important and vital in the structure and design of custom exhibition stands in Dubai, but it is never practical to purchase these. Maple Expo thus brings to you truss and rigging rental service, where you can hire these in your budget.

Our team of professionals will transport, install, and dismantle all staging elements, delivering unrivaled quality in equipment, design and production.

Contact us now and share your requirement to get a quote.

Exhibitions are highly powerful marketing tools, where companies communicate head to head with their audiences. Our expert professionals keep this in mind while working on your requirements and deliver high quality. Latest updated products, guaranteed high quality, large volumes, and very competitive prices are some specialties which help us stand out from our competitors. Maple Expo comes up as a key contributor to the accomplishment of any event or exhibition with its high-quality truss and rigging rental.

We have 2 different styles of staging, Heavy Duty stage, that comes with adjustable legs up to 1m, optional carpet, and different height steps to allow safe access. The other option is our Spider stage at 300mm or 600mm high with black carpet. We are able to create a stage to suit almost any requirement and add bespoke pieces to allow for a curved front or angled wings.

Our truss and rigging accessories are maintained with complete care and offer very easy installation and positioning without any hassle. These can be used to position any kind of lights, speakers, banners and more very easily. Our engineers work hard to fulfill even the most unusual of briefs and structural requirements as well. We at Maple Expo inspect, test and maintain highest of standards before supplying any equipment. We also offer all the relevant documentation for installation, so that making it easy for everyone.


In Custom Exhibition Stand, firstly we take stand’s brief/ requirement from our client and then our in-house project management team analyzes the requirement.

Our specialized and innovative custom exhibition stand designing team provides the client with design options based on the requirements and specification, and sends it to the client for approval.

After receiving approval from the client they prepared the quotation for finalization for the stand. After that, our team constructs stand’s mock-up in our warehouse.

After stand mock-up prepared in our warehouse, our project management team proceeds with the erection of structure at exhibition center/Venue with quality finishing. At last, we hand over the exhibition stand to the client and collect payment for our work.

Exhibition stand is a section of any exhibition where any specific company/brand showcases their products/services and also offers the information about their products/services. But, what makes us different from others is that we make your company’s section talk of the town for that exhibition. We at Maple Expo, consider Exhibition designing & building custom exhibition stands in Dubai as art and craft. Our professionals are more than innovative artists who work hard to help you live your dreams of becoming a brand, which is known throughout the globe.

Maple Expo is providing exhibition stand management services in UAE & around the world, mostly in all the major destinations. We have trusted partners around the world for Exhibition Stand Management services. We have full production facility including the stand building, truss, carpeting, furniture supply, graphic printing and all other services related to exhibitions.

Now you can avail our trusted services around the world for Exhibition standmanagement.



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