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The Shell Scheme Is the basic exhibition stand using the modular structure like octonum, maxima, and others. In Basic Shell Scheme Stand we can make it look more professional and elegant with our Shell Scheme Upgrade options.

There are two type of shell scheme upgrade.
• Improving looking while keeping the shell scheme structure
• Upgrading the shell scheme to Raw Space or Space only.

Improving the look of the shell scheme with keeping shell scheme structure can be done in various ways.
Printing And Pasting On 5mm Foam Board on your shell scheme walls: Add graphics on foam boards, vinyl stickers or make you a lightbox. This will give a look of seamless shell scheme wall and shell scheme pillars will not be visible.
Add Audio Video Equipment in your shell scheme: Rent you more suitable Audio/Video equipment like LED TV, Speakers, Big LED Screens, Seamless Screens etc..
Customized Exhibition Displays in Your Shell Scheme Stand: Create a customized wooden reception counter in deco or water paint or laminate finish with LED lights and lightbox that will give your shell scheme stand a more elegant and professional look.
Customized Carpet Or Raised Platform: Provide you with a carpet as per your colour and quality choice. We can also install 10cm height wooden platform in your shell scheme and cover it with your choice of carpet, laminate, melamine, or parquet. SO will give your shell scheme stand a more elegant look.
Customized Furniture for your shell scheme stand: Add cabinets with storage inside, storage room or some elegant chair and tables for your shell scheme stand and stand out from other stands,

Turn your present shell scheme exhibition stand walls into attention-grabbing, wonderful graphics displays using Shell Scheme upgrade system and make your exhibition event stand to look like a custom stand with Maple Expo.
Shell Scheme is the ideal solution for smaller companies who are ready to move up from a shell scheme but don’t have the budget to go to full custom build as well as larger companies who need to have a presence at a specific event and want more than just a shell scheme without incurring the cost of a custom install.
Shell scheme upgrade option eliminates the gap between a standard shell exhibition and fully custom-built exhibition.
Try our Shell Scheme Upgrade Exhibition. This scheme is available in Dubai and the Middle East and allows exhibitors to use vibrant graphics panels incorporating their requirements and branding through our custom exhibition stands. Whether you are experienced in organizing shell scheme exhibition or planning the first event, our coloured fascia, printed logos, flags, Self Standing Displays, and banners will assist in making your event memorable.
Using just these small details will give a personal touch to your shell scheme stand, and without costing you much will definitely help catch the eye of your potential customers!
If you want to showcase your products, Maple Expo offers customized design and build display units customized according to your business.
We have a professional exhibition stand design team, production facilities, and modern exhibition services to give you a new exhibition experience in Dubai.
If you are exhibiting in a shell scheme, it does not mean that you cannot be imaginative. We give our customers the control over budget and event program. We first gather all requirements and ask about the available space and how they want to use it. After that, our group will go through available space and specified requirements in order to design different solutions to make exhibition stand out.

Most of the exhibition booth contractors are more concentrating on a budget, but as organized exhibition booth design company we understand the client’s requirements and try to come up with the best design options for the exhibition stand. We as an exhibition management company are doing booth setups & product display stands for exhibition and in all the Trade shows in Dubai.
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Please Feel free to contact us to avail our services around the world for Exhibition stand management.

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In Shell Scheme Upgrade, firstly we take stand’s brief requirement from our customer and afterward our in-house project management group investigates the prerequisite.

Our specialized and inventive shell scheme upgrade team furnishes the customer with design choices taking into account the prerequisites and detail, and send it to customer for approval.

After get approval from customer they arranged quote finalization for stand. After that our team constructs stand’s mock up in our warehouse.

After stand mock up prepared in warehouse, our project management team continues with erection of structure at exhibition center with quality wrapping up. Finally, we handover the shell scheme stand to customer and gather payment for our work.


Some Of Our Shell Scheme Update Photos

ISA, Italy

ISA, Italy

Middle East Electricity 2016
IPS, Bulgaria

IPS, Bulgaria

Middle East Electricity 2016
Janus Services B.V., Holland

Janus Services B.V., Holland

Gulf Food 2015
ZA, Turkey
exhibition stand design dubai82142668034918214266803672

ZA, Turkey

Gulf Food Manufacturing 2014

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